Navel Gazing: A Media Consumption Case Study (of Myself)

Image: Katharina Matzkeit

Real Virtuality turns three this month – and to celebrate, I have decided to write a series of articles about the way I use and consume media at this moment in time.

As a person working in media, I naturally have a reasonably big ego. However, when I started this blog three years ago, I vowed not to write about myself too much. I would give my personal opinions all the time, I would spin off arguments from stuff that happened to me, and I would sometimes write short posts about career developments or highlights, but I would not use this platform to simply muse about my personal tastes and traits, which – to be perfectly honest – I like to do a lot. I hope that I kept that promise to myself most of the time and that most of the articles collected in this blog have at least some relevance to the world that extends beyond my personal little sphere of self-reflection.

However, since three years is a birthday worth celebrating, this month will see a temporary change in policy. I want to make myself a case study and write up a detailed account of my media diet. And maybe – just maybe – someone else will read it, find something interesting in it, and talk about it with me in the comments. You never know.

Part One: Old Media
Part Two: The Web
Part Three: Blogs
Part Four: Social Networks

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