Quotes of Quotes (XXI) – Trend Journalism and the Frequency Illusion

Frequency illusions are self-perpetuating cycles enhanced by lazy journalism and punditry. One reason people think new mothers post a lot of baby pictures is that trend pieces and op-eds claim they do. (Indeed, trend journalism is essentially a form of intellectual trolling designed to create frequency illusions. “Why is everyone suddenly listening to Wilco again?”)
– Clive Thompson, “Science Says: The Baby Madness on Your Facebook Feed Is an Illusion

Intellectual trolling? Ouch. As a former communications student, I am, of course, aware of the frequency illusion, (also: the recency illusion), and I try not to generalize too much in my posts on what I perceive to be cinematic trends. Sometimes, an opportunity is too good to pass on, of course.

Have you ever become a victim?

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