David Bordwell comes to Mainz and supports my meta-fandom

David Bordwell really is a sort of hero of mine. Not even that much for his work published in book form (although Film Art is pretty nifty) but especially for that really cool Blog he keeps. He recently published an eBook, which came out of a series of blog posts called “Pandora’s Digital Box”. I reviewed the book for epd film. You can read an English variation of the review here.

David came to give a talk on his web activities at my old university in Mainz today. He spoke mostly about his blog and the way it has changed his way of working, especially now that he is retired. He already wrote up most of the content of the talk about a year ago, in a blog post. New to me was that he puts about three days of work into each post. I regularly lament that so few German academics use blogging as a communicative tool, but I can somehow understand it, if I think about the work involved to create such a quality blog as David’s. (Still, come on!!!)

At the end of the lecture, I really wanted to get David’s autograph. But since “Pandora’s Digital Box” is an eBook, he couldn’t really sign it for me. So instead, I asked him if he would sign my review in the magazine. And he did. I’m pretty sure Baudrillard would have appreciated this degree of meta-ness.

David Bordwell und Alexander Gajic in Mainz

Yeah, we kind of look like differently aged versions of each other – Looper?

Update: To read David’s account of the lecture and trip, click here.

I’m wearing a t-shirt by 65daysofstatic. Consider them plugged!