Marvel Studios’ Global Pipeline

Ever wonder how Marvel manages to deliver their movies on time despite tight schedules and 2.500+ effects shots? Executive producer Victoria Alonso explains:

We’ve had anywhere from 12 vendors to 24 vendors, which is madness. It’s a challenge, but when you have that many shots, you have to divide the work among many different teams. If we relied on one vendor, we would choke that vendor. And by having visual effects teams from around the world, in different time zones, we essentially get a 36-hour day. That extra time allows us to constantly feed the beast.

VFX Supervisor Jake Morrison goes into more detail in a different interview:

On Thor: Ragnarök we had 18 vendors, so our day would start with calls to Germany and then sweep right across the planet chasing the sun until we finished in Australia. The tools that have been built to allow for all this data to slosh around the world on a nightly basis are breathtaking.

Both interviews can be found in Cinefex issue 158.

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