Quotes of Quotes (IX)

What was important to us in Phase One was acclimating an audience who maybe never read the comics, who didn’t know that Iron Man and Thor and Hulk all inhabited the same Marvel universe in the comics, and start seeding that idea through the films to get them used to the notion that these characters live in the same world; that this is a shared universe […].

Now with the beginning of Phase Two, the audience knows that. The audience knows there are connective tissues leading to it and will continue so now we have the leeway and the ability to have fun with that, just like they do in the comics. We can have fun and surprises with who connects where.
– Kevin Feige über die Zukunft des Marvel Cinematic Universe

Interessant zu wissen, dass dies die offizielle Marvel-Position zu Phase 2 des Marvel Cinematic Universe ist: “fun and surprises”. Zu hoffen bleibt, dass es Marvel gelingt, die richtige Balance zwischen Insider-Verbinde-Spaß und für sich stehenden Geschichten zu erzählen. Iron Man 2 hat in dieser Hinsicht beispielsweise stark darunter gelitten, dass er gleichzeitig “Avengers 0.5” sein musste.

[Ergänzung, 16.4. – Joss Whedon hat die Arbeit an Avengers 2 als glorious Challenge bezeichnet]

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