Filmmakers defending Skyline against the critics

It’s always fun when this happens. It takes movies beyond their sheer identity as art and entertainment and discusses them as the media circus they are. The Producers of Skyline gave Cinematical an interview, in which they try to defend themselves against the hailstorm of bad reviews their film has garnered so far.

However, rather than lash out and actually defend their film, they actually give in a bit, saying stuff like “Pretense be damned. I know it’s not a perfect movie, but I’ve enjoyed plenty of movies with flaws before”, which is probably one of the worst things you can think about your own work, if you’re trying to stand up for it. Later, they blame the way the film was marketed, as an epigone to Independence Day rather than as a piece of chamber horror with aliens.

I haven’t seen Skyline yet, it hasn’t been released in Germany so far, but I wanted to share this fun bit of Meta-Hollywood. The link again.