Stuff I learned this week (and last) – #1/11

Worte zur Wochenmitte

These flights that aim to give their spectators the same sense of motion through space have fast become the signature image of the 3D feature film, the sign that it has yet to transcend its theme park tendencies to assimilate the technology with the usual dramatic imperatives (or that 3D will always have limited applications).

Dan North , Spectacular Attractions
// How to Fly in 3D

As I settle down to try to unravel the eight centuries of myth and legend that have accreted around the outlaw, I am looking at a still from the new Ridley Scott movie, which will open the Cannes film festival on 12 May. Russell Crowe – looking the spit of Maximus, the hero of Gladiator, with cropped hair, bloodied cheek and an expression of furious determination – is astride a horse. The horse, naturally, is white: what else would a hero, about to save England from French invaders, ride? I fear there may be some historical disconnect here.

Stephen Moss , The Guardian
// My Search for the real Robin Hood

Ganz klein hat sich die ARD mit dieser Geburtstagsdokumentation gemacht. So klein, dass sie sich selbst riesig finden musste, schon wegen der vielen Leute! Und der ganzen Mikrofone! Und der blinkenden Lichter!

Stefan Niggemeier , Fernsehblog
// Der sechzigste Geburtstag, oder: Der ARD geht’s wohl zu gut

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“Dan Masters” , College Humor
// DVD Commentary: The Movie
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